City Pack Plus NYC

City Pack Plus NYC

The world’s diversity made into one amazingly multicultural city.

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16/10/2017 31/10/2017

New York City (New York)

About the city

New York City is an international metropolis built on the shoulders of immigrants and their descendants. New York City is home to eight million people, and the city receives more than 50 million visitors per year. Your New York City tour should include sampling the food of hundreds of different cultures, and you can explore it easily on foot, by taxi, or via the famous subway system. A gift from the French people to the American people, the Statue of Liberty is a universal symbol of freedom and the city’s most famous landmark. Wall Street acts as the heart of big business being the home of the New York Stock Exchange. The Empire State Building looms over the Big Apple as the second-tallest building in the city, with the nearby Chrysler Building also dominates the landscape. Nearby is the headquarters of United Nations overlooking the East River and Grand Central Terminal, one of the busiest train stations in the world. No New York sightseeing is complete without a visit to Times Square. Take in its billboards, its many people, and its food, then cross over to Central Park, which comprises 850 acres of lakes and meadows, where to get away from the city buzz. You also have your pick of art and history museums, as well as the Reflecting Absence Memorial and Museum, where you can pay your respects to the victims of 9/11. Even though Manhattan houses most of the city’s landmarks, each of the districts of the city has its unique and distinctive personality worth exploring. From the historic streets of Brooklyn to Queens’s international cuisine, there is something for every type of person in the city. Most of all, New York is a city to have fun and indulge oneself. So, enjoy yourself, and get ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple. New York City has everything for everyone: architecture, art, cuisine, entertainment, shopping. It's all here.

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City Pack Plus NYC

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Package includes:

  • Shared Transfer from JFK Airport to Hotel in Manhattan
  • Upper and Lower Manhattan 
  • Contrasts of New York Tour
  • Landmark Cruise
  • 15 Minutes Helicopter Tour 
  • Shared Transfer from Hotel in Manhattan to JFK Airport

Upper and Lower Manhattan:

It is an orientation tour with which you can get a perfect idea of the composition of Manhattan.

Contrasts of New York:

We will visit of 5 major counties: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan, in this tour you will experience them the differences social, cultural, architectural and the diversity of the city. 

Landmark Cruise (90 min):

Witness magnificent views of the world’s premier skyline and a “close encounter” of the best kind with the Statue of Liberty.

Helicopter Tour (15 min):

Admire the city’s beauty from the air, taking a 15 minute ride along the city’s coast.


City Pack Plus NYC
City Pack Plus NYC